VWC - Dold and Belotti Milan winners

Race winners Valentina Bellotti and Thomas DoldGerman Thomas Dold and Italian Valentina Belotti set new records on Italy’s tallest tower, Sunday, September 25: the 39 floors and 866 steps of Milan’s Palazzo Lombardia were consumed in a mere 3’46” by Dold and 5’03” by Belotti.  Dold ascended the 22 steps between each floor at an average speed of less than six seconds per floor – the time it takes for a deep breath!

The Vertical Sprint was the 6th stage in the 2011 Vertical World Circuit®  uniting some of the most important skyscraper races across four continents:  New York, Basel, London, Taipei (the world’s second tallest building), Berlin, Singapore and San Paolo, Brazil where the final will be held in December.  (See full race calendar at www.verticalrunning.org).  

Dold, undisputed world champion in 2009 and 2010 leads the VWC ranking.  The reigning women’s champion, New Zealander Melissa Moon, was second today, and Italian Ivonne Martinucci, in 5'25", third.  Italy’s Cristina Bonacina, with her sixth place today, maintains her leadership.  See here for race results.
Vibram FiveFingers team: Dario Fracassi, Melissa Moon, Cristina Bonacina
In a record field of 154 runners, the event attracted skyscraper racers from twelve countries.
Promising new entry, Poland’s Piotr Lobodzinsky, was second in 3'57” and  Italy’s Fabio Ruga, third in 4'04".

The Vibram® FiveFingers® team, headed by Melissa Moon, Cristina Bonacina and Dario Fracassi, celebrated with a spectacular 360° view of Milan from the outdoor terrace at the summit.  Sharing the view, but not the fatigue, several thousand spectators ascended in the elevators to the 39th floor in occasion of the Vertical Day

Next on the Vertical World Circuit® calendar features are two VWC Trials:  Vienna’s Millenium Tower Run-Up on October 1st and Vietnam’s Bitexco Vertical Run on October 30, where runners gain valuable points for the circuit ranking. See www.vietnamrun.com.   

The circuit will head for Singapore on November 20th and close with the final in Brazi l on December 3rd, where the 2011 VWC champions will be crowned.  

Veertical Sprint race results
See www.verticalrunning.org for calendar and ranking.