2011 Vertical World Circuitę

VWC Main Races
USA:  Empire State Building Run Up, New York - February 1 
Switzerland:  Tower Running Basel - February 12 
Great Britain:  Vertical Rush, London - March 3
Taiwan:  Taipei 101 International Run Up Race - June 5
Germany: Berlin Skyrun - June 12
Italy:  Vertical Sprint, Milan - September 25
Singapore:   Swissotel Vertical Marathon - November 20
Brazil:  San Paolo Corrida Vertical - January 25, 2012

USA:  Hustle up the Hancock, Chicago - February 27
Austria:  Millennium Tower Run, Vienna- October 1 
Vietnam: Bitexco Vertical Run - October 30
Columbia:  Bogotà  Torre de Colpatria * - December 8 
(*) Ranking points valid for 2012

VWC Ranking
In a seven to nine race calendar, athletes count the four best results obtained in the main VWC races and one VWC Trial (4 + 1).  In the event of a tie, the athlete with the best result in the final race will be awarded the title. 

US $6,000 will be awarded to the VWC Champions ($ 3,000 each) at the San Paolo Corrida Vertical  in Brazil, the VWC final on January 25t, 2012

Ranking points system
Each race will assign points based on the winning men’s/women’s results according to the following breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 2 points to the 30th position for men and the same system for women down to 10th position. The ranking points in the final race will be increased by 20% for all Vertical World Circuit® competitors.

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Updated June 14, 2011