Certification and approval of official international skyrunning records & best performances

The International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) is the only authority representing skyrunning for the certification of international records and best performances at altitude.

Each year it is becoming increasingly common for skyrunners around the world to address exciting new challenges, beat existing records and best performances, or to establish new ones among the various ISF skyrunning disciplines.
The ISF officials ensure that best performance attempts are carried out according to  the rules and fair play, thus enabling an immediate official announcement to be made by the participants, media,  sponsors and others.
To ensure the authenticity of the best performances and to appear on the official world best performances list accepted by the international community, the ISF Technical Commission provides the following rules:

Application procedure for ISF certification in establishing a new record or beating an existing record or best performance.
First report the performance to be established or record to be beaten to the ISF Technical Commission, supplying detailed technical information, location, date(s), existing performance details (if any), sponsors involved (if any), details of the participant(s) concerned, the main purpose of the activity and  a description of the activity.
With this information the ISF will consider and evaluate, in the shortest time possible, whether to accept the proposal for listing.

On acceptance of the proposal:
If a proposal is accepted, the ISF will send the details of the record, rules and specific guidelines to follow (and meet) to demonstrate that the record has been beaten or a best performance established. In exceptional cases, the ISF may require the presence of officials to certify the authenticity of the performance.
For example, records in official competitions need not be requested as the event organiser is authorized by the ISF to certify the authenticity of the best performance set. Therefore, to establish or beat a particular record, it should not be in an official competition.

A fee is applied for this service which includes travel costs, transfers to and from the event and lodging. In these cases the amount must be paid in full prior to the attempt.

In conclusion
If the result is positive, the ISF will issue an official record or best performance certification which will be published on the website

NB: The Technical Commission cannot accept documents with proof of a record if certification was not previously requested, or the result of a competition not recognised by the ISF.

The International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) is the only authority that can certify international skyrunning records and best performances.  The presence of an ISF official to immediately certify an attempt aids visibility and media communication. 

Send your enquiries to ISF Technical Commission:  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Skyrunning World Records (pdf) updated October 2010