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The Executive Board is elected for a four year period and consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and one other member. It is their duty to carry out the decisions made by the General Assembly, control finances, supervise the commissions and the administration of affairs in general.

The Management Committee is elected for a four year period and consists of the Executive Board, three representatives from member associations entitled to vote, and one representative from the Athletes’ Commission. It makes recommendations to the General Assembly on matters such as budgets and admission/expulsion of member associations. In addition it creates and dissolves the commissions and assigns them responsibilities.

The Commissions consist of members with special expertise in a particular field . They give advice to the Management Committee and the General Assembly, and provide information and recommendations to all members. The commissions are: Discipline and Appeals, Environment, Finances, International Relations / Communication and Marketing, Medical, Research and Antidoping, Skyrunners / Athletes, Technical Commission / Rules / Competitions / Ranking, Technical Product.  

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