About ISF

The International Skyrunning Federation is the only authority representing skyrunning*.  The principal aims are the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of the sport of skyrunning and similar multisport activities at altitude on a worldwide basis in accordance with the Olympic charter. 

It was founded on July 19, 2008 in Canazei, Italy, by representatives from ten countries together with the board and members of the FSA (Federation for Sport at Altitude), which it replaces. The FSA was a private, non-profit federation which managed skyrunning from 1995 onwards.

After the  General Assembly on July 23, 2011 in Italy, the ISF counts twenty member nations and three non-voting Associates. The ISF headquarters are in Italy and the registered office has its seat in Switzerland. 

Among the events coordinated by the ISF are the annual Skyrunner® World Series (the bienniall European Championships  the four-yearly World Championships and the SkyGames® held every Olympic year.

The work of the commissions includes laying down regulations for both athletes and organizers: selecting and coordinating races for the calendar; research and antidoping;  a voice for athletes;  international communication and addressing environment issues.  The new Technical Product Commission is developing product with manufacturers to the highest quality and safety standards.
*(Skyrunning is defined as running in the mountains above 2,000 metres altitude where the incline exceeds 30% and the climbing difficulty does not exceed II° grade.  See SkyRules - Definitions

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